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Muletto All in One


As a wheelbarrow, the Muletto has a 4 cubic foot capacity and can hold up to 300 lbs of weight!

Its two wheels allow for great stability over uneven surfaces and the ergonomic handles let you carry heavy loads with ease.

Muletto in wheelbarrow position moving bricks


Those heavy flower pots can be really annoying and back-breaking to move around. It often takes two or more people to move just one plant. Not anymore! With the flower pot moving strap and the Muletto's patented extended arms, you can easily do it by yourself - and it won't hurt your back.

Muletto_moving_flower_pot flower pot mover


Do you have to move a heavy object?

Don't worry - the Muletto can help you with that! Its dolly flap is heavy duty and allows you to lift up to 300 lbs. So go ahead, move that dishwasher or refrigerator. The Muletto can handle it.



Transporting big water jugs, propane tanks, paint cans, or even garbage containers can be cumbersome and put strain on your back. The Muletto's cylinder holder function helps keep obstacles stable and prevents them
from rolling off.



What if you have awkward items that might not fit on the dolly flap alone? The Muletto has a solution for that! Just bring down the extended arms and now you can move that heavy couch or you can even stack firewood, bales of hay, lumber, and more.

Muletto_extended_arms_dolly Extended Dolly


If you have a rock garden or just any burdensome objects you need to move, you can use the rock lifting mesh and extended arms to make moving the big burdens a breeze with very little effort on your part

Muletto_moving_a_rock Rock Mover


Fall yard cleanup or garbage cleanup can get really frustrating, especially when you have to hold and load the bag at the same time. Make your life easier by using the bag holder attachment, and let the Muletto hold your bag. Once the bag is full, you can easily just wheel it to the curb!

Muletto_holding_a_leaf_bag Leaf Bag Holder


Do you love jet skiing or boating and have a trailer that you find difficult to move? Well the Muletto has a bonus function where you attach a trailer ball hitch and it lets you move trailers up to 1000 lbs on level ground.

shadow shadow shadow shadow shadow shadow shadow

The Best


With the patented Muletto
you get 400% more lifting
power, when compared to
a traditional wheelbarrow.

200 lbs of dirt
200 lbs of dirt
More stable More stable

2x stability

More stable

Unlike a traditional wheelbarrow the muletto
features 2 wheels to provide stability in all situations.

Assembly as easy as 123, assembly instructions, requires no tools,

Easy Assembly

1 - 2 - 3 Easy to put together The Muletto requires no tools to assemble, and can be put together in under 5 minutes.

1. Install wheels & insert pins.

2. Insert handles and tighten wing nuts.

3. Done! Start using your Muletto.

Take it with you

Take it with you The Muletto is designed for easy
transport, simply remove the
handles and you're ready to go.

Power to do More

The leverage provided by the extended arms makes you 400% stronger!
You only need 20 lbs of force to pick up 80 lbs of weight. Amazing huh?

No other device does this

No other device does this.
The Muletto can also be used
to move flower pots and other
awkward objects with ease.

Clear The Clutter

The Muletto is a space saver, it neatly stores upright and only takes up 14" of space from the wall.

Save over $400

Save over $400!

The Muletto 7 in 1 replaces a wheelbarrow, hand truck dolly, extended dolly,
flower pot lifter, bag holder, trailer mover, rock lifter. That's a savings of over
$400 if purchased separately.

People love the Muletto!
  • "It's really great. It gives me strength and Independence."
    Claire ON, Canada
  • "I assembled it in 15 minutes. It saved my back, hands, and TIME.
    EASY, EASY, EASY! This is a must have for any woman that
    enjoys working in the yard. "
    Tambara FL, USA
  • "It really has made my job easier. I can lift twice as much.. and not even worry about hurting myself."
    Joey ON, Canada
  • "All I can say is that my son and husband think
    it's the greatest thing, since sliced bread!"
    Judith PA, USA
  • "A real space saver and heavy duty too!!!
    Everyone I know thinks it's great."
    Mark MI, USA
of Uses
The things the Muletto can do are
only bound by your imagination.
Save yourself
time, space
and money!